Caring for our Parents
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Helping our Parents
We help you look after your elderly parents using our unique monitoring system, while allowing them to be independent.
There is a point in time where our parents need us all to look after them.
With our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to check in on them.
ParentMonitor solves this problem and also alerts loved ones if there has been an issue - be it a fall in the home or a period of prolonged absence which is not normal to a regular routine.
This vital information and alert can be the difference in getting the right people notified so that help is at hand much sooner.
Simply click on our app and you can see your parents going about their daily lives, and make sure that they are safe and sound. This is reassuring for both parents and yourselves ensuring peace of mind for all.
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How it works
We provide a care camera that you place in your parents' home.
Using our application on your phone, pc or mac you can instantly see your parents in their living rooms or kitchens (or in any other areas you decide on), at any time, from anywhere in the world.
Our care professionals can also check in on your parents at specific times and on a regular basis. You can schedule these visits and choose the frequency. If there are any issues we will contact you immediately.
Automatic Fall Detection
Sensor Frosted Glass Full Visibility
Falling down is one of the most dangerous events leading to many complications for the elderly. 1 in 3 over 65's at least once a year and 50% of those multiple times. Our care camera has an automatic way of detecting if someone has fallen over. Every image the camera captures is automatically analysed. It captures the joints of each person as shown above. Using the position of the joints, it is possible to determine if the person has fallen over. If the person has fallen over an automatic alert is generated and sent to your phone. This allows carers or family members to take prompt action. The fall detector is running 24 hours per day. The elderly person does not need to wear any special devices or press any buttons. It is all done automatically by our care camera without hindrance.
Models and Options
Model #1 - Sensor

Detects bone structure and motion detection. The fall detector reveals only a bone structure with a fully blacked out background to give users full anonymity. The system will still alert falls and if any out of routine activity. 100% non intrusive.

Model #2 - Sensor + Frosted Glass

A frosted glass model gives users the opportunity to have all of the above with an added view. Frosted Glass allows you to see a distorted image of your loved one, whilst still maintaining privacy

Model #3 - Sensor + Full Visibility:

This model includes all of the above but for users who want full visibility - they can view real time video and see a full complete image - this can give peace of mind as they can check in at any time to ensure everything is ok.
Out of Routine
The elderly will have a routine in their homes. For example a visit to the kitchen between 8am and 10am. Or maybe waking up and walking through the hallway by 9am. Our sophisticated cameras can detect if these daily routines take place. Let's say the elderly person does not walk through the hallway by 9am that day, an automatic alert will be sent to your phone. Being stuck or out of routine is usually an indication of a problem. Our care camera alerts you to this automatically improving care to the nth degree.
Sleep patterns
Our care cameras monitor wake and sleep routines automatically. A graph is presented on the app allowing you to ensure a goods night sleep is being had.
Pill Camera
Our care cameras are very sophisticated and can detect if pill/medications have been taken on time. A care camera points at the pill box. You can setup a schedule of pill intake, for example pills may be needed to be taken three times a day. If the pill box is not approached at the right times you be alerted on your phone. Any pill schedule can be setup and if the elderly person does forget you will be informed immediately.
Care journal
The care journal allows you to see how you and your family have been monitoring your loved ones. A detailed log is presented, who has logged in, and when. A mechanism is also provided to note down important events which is shared by all. Such as doctors appointments or observations which may help all to provide better care. There is also a group communication tool which allows all users to write messages be that "checked everything and mum is ok" or "I will take mum to the dr's friday".
Any family member, loved one, and/or carer can check in once access is granted to them, which also allows them to check in on your parents.
Parents will feel safer and cared for. Care cameras can be placed in non intrusive areas or places of risk, such as the stairwell or kitchen. Privacy is maintained by careful collaboration between parents and siblings, resulting in a choice of appropriate locations. Our system allows parents to lead independent lives longer, ensuring well-being and loving care. If your parent is in a care home, our system may be installed in private rooms and flats, helping you ensure and evaluate appropriate levels of institutional care.
The Technology
We use safe and secure technology. We ensure all activity is logged and you have access to it. We provide a complete kit, which is easy to install and help is only a phone call away.
Professional Check-in
As a part of our service to you, our staff will check in with your parents four or more times per day, if so desired, at specific times according to your requirements. Our carefully selected team connects to the care camera and ensures everything is ok, in complete confidence. If our care staff do spot a problem they can call you, an emergency contact number, or several people.
Independent Parents
Keeping parents independent as long as possible is the key to their wellbeing. We help maintain their independence without intrusion.
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What's In The Box?
User manual
Wireless Camera (The number of cameras as per subscription)
Power supply for each camera
Ethernet cable to configure camera
Care Home Managers and Elderly nursing home professionals
Our unique monitoring system is the perfect solution for professional elderly care homes. The technology allows siblings and families the peace of mind to visually check the well being of their loved ones living in your care home. Our research has shown that this is what residents families want and is a significant factor when making the choice between nursing homes. The system can also be used by the nursing home to unobtrusively check residents health and comfort.

We offer tailored packages to suit all care home needs. Please contact us to discuss a suitable solution for your nursing home.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do I need to use the service?
All you need is an email address and internet access. You can use your mobile phone or desktop PC.

Q: Is the service running 24 / 7?
Yes, you can use it any time.

Q: Can I use the service whilst abroad?
Yes, from anywhere.

Q: Do you provide telephone support?
Yes, please call us if you need assistance.

Q: Is ParentMonitor easy to set up?
Using the supplied step-by-step user manual, it is easy to set up your ParentMonitor. In addition, you also have instant access to our support line. Setup should take 10 minutes.

Q: Does it have any warranty?
Yes, warranty is for the life of your subscription.

Q: Do I get any after sales support?
Of course you do. We strive to provide all our customers with an excellent level of Customer Service before and after the sale. So no matter how big or small your query, we will be more than happy to assist you and make sure that you get the most out of ParentMonitor

Q: Can ParentMonitor be used to record?
Yes, 2 weeks of recordings are available

Q: Is ParentMonitor easy to use?
Yes, once the care camera has been installed you will find it really easy to use. You can see your loved ones on your smartphone, a tablet or your computer. ParentMonitor has a user-friendly interface. Our support team are here to help too.

Q: Do you need an internet connection?
You will need an internet connection in your parents' home.

Q: Does ParentMonitor use Wi-Fi?
Yes it uses standard Wi-Fi.

Q: Do I need to buy hardware / cameras?
No we provide everything you need, all you need is a internet connection.

Q: What happens when your staff checkin and cant find your parent in the house?
Here you have an option, we will email you this has occured, but a phonecall to you can also be arranged.

Q: How does the camera detect a fall?
We use software to determine the fall, namely a neural network that has been trained to detect the human body and it's joints.
We then use the joint's positions to determine if the person has fallen.

Q: How will we get notified if a fall is detected?
You will get an alert on your phone via the parent monitor app.

Q: Does it log the fall or is a record of all falls kept?
Yes all falls are logged and accessible in the app

Q: What if the fall is a false alarm?
Before an alarm is raised, our staff check it's not a false alarm.

Q: How does the Absence Monitor detect absence?
We use movement detection and neural networks to determine if a person is in a room.
We check at your designated times, and raise an alarm if appropriate.

Q: Can we set our own times for the Absence Monitor?
Yes. In fact you can set as many times as you like

Q: How does the Absence Monitor cope with someone being on holiday?
Alerts can be paused.

Q: How does the Pill Monitor work?
It can detect if the pill box has been handled at a particular time. If the pill box has not been used at the right times an alarm is raised.

Q: What is the Care Journal?
The care journal shows you a detailed audit of who has used the app, when they have logged in, it also allows notes and calendar entries to be logged, for example doctor appointments. This help the carers keep in touch and organised

Q: What are Sleep Patterns?
A sleep pattern shows when your loved one wakes up and goes to sleep. We determine the sleep pattern by determining the first movements of the day and the last movements of the evening. This allows you to check a good nights sleep has been had.

Q: How does it know someone is sleeping or awake?
We use movement detection to determine activity of the elder.

Q: How do I know if an unauthorised person is using parentmonitor?
We use the latest security standards and all transmissions are secured over the HTTPS (TLS 1.2) protocol, the same protocol used for internet banking. Every activity a user does is also logged in an audit automatically. This can be found on the care journal screen. All users are password protected. And you have control over creation and deletion of new users.

Q: How does the system distinguish between a person lying down, say on a sofa and falling down?
The system has a configurable area on each camera which is only used to for fall detection. This means large areas such as sofas can be blocked out.

Q: If there is a fall in an area where there is no camera, can the fall monitor still pickup the fall?
No. But the good news is we do have an absent from room alert. For example if you expect the elderly person to be at least in the lounge between say 9am and 12pm, and no one enters the room during that time, an alert can be raised automatically. So by setting up a typically set of rooms the person is in within the day our system can ensure typical daily movement is happening. An example setup might be an elderly person enters the kitchen between 8 and 9 am. Or enters the hallway between 7am and 8am. All these movements are monitored and alerted if not found. It is typically the case an elderly person is trapped and not helped for several hours. Our system solves this problem. Time and time again in the press, stories are reported of the elderly not being helped for hours. Our system protects against this and was specifically designed in response to these circumstances.

Q: Does the care calendar remind me when there is an appointment
Yes the care calendar will inform you by a notification on your phone.

Q: Can the fall detector detect multiple people in the room?

Q: Why is there a monthly subscription?
The subscription covers the cost of the initial cameras and then the running costs of processing video for falls and absences 24 hours per day using our sophisticated neural network of programs. We also store the videos for you for a period of time, allowing you to look back at behaviour and problems an elder may be facing.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly support team (9am-5pm BST, Mon-Fri).
About Us
We are a world class team of professionals. We spotted the lack of technology support for care of our own elderly parents, this has led to the creation of ParentMonitor. We aim to help you and your parents.
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